Directive Communications

Today, the average American has over 100 online and traditional accounts. Bank accounts. Travel rewards. Social media. Online shopping. What happens to these accounts after someone dies? In many cases, the estate planning lawyer is left to track them down and notify the institutions of a client’s passing. What if an account slips through the cracks? It can undue the careful planning of an estate, leaving a client’s loved ones vulnerable to ID fraud as well as emotional grief.

Directive Communication Systems is the first and only service for estate planning professionals providing organization of a client’s personal accounts and notification of final wishes.

Our solution:

Through research, we uncovered the insight that estate planning lawyers see the hidden account as the enemy. “What I live in fear of is that we will have filed and then an account appears and I’m going to have to re-do everything.” They want to practice law without the hassle of tracking down and notifying accounts. “DCS gets all of the accounts in one place and does the work for me.This is a no brainer.” DCS helps ensure that a hidden account doesn’t resurface after it’s too late.