“Flying Car”?
What’s up with that?

The founders of this gig have worked on the marketing and communications for a lot of new and emerging technology. We’ve put in untold hours with technical and concept innovators, people who have been hunkered down making something come to life that’s never existed before. It’s fun, it’s what we like and these are the people we enjoy working with. It sure beats the hell out of yet another campaign for [dog kibble]

But there is one thing we’ve noticed over the years and that’s how the expectation and initial reality of innovation are almost always at odds. So we ask (we literally ask):

What would you do if you had a flying car?

The answers are predictable.

“I’d never sit in traffic again.”

“I’d leave for my house on the Cape when I want to and not worry about backups on the bridge.”

Some respondents are less than kind:

“I’d fly around laughing my ass off at everybody stuck on the ground.”

Ok, swell. But the expectation of an innovation providing a seamless solution to our immediate pain with no tradeoffs is profoundly misplaced. You see, it’s never a car that just flies and is as simple, cheap and reliable as current automobiles. No, the flying car is going to force us to make trade-offs.